Service Available 24/7, 365 Days a Year

Our operation centre has friendly staff ready to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Eco Friendly

With innovative technology and an always increasing number of fuel efficient cars, we can commit to reducing our carbon footprint to a minimal level.

Quick and Easy Quote System

Our easy to use website or app booking system allows you to receive an immediate quote making it a simple and effortless experience.

Track Your Booking

We can keep you informed every step of the way by enabling you to check your drivers exact location at all times from the moment of despatch.

A Reliable, Professional and Efficient Service

Using the combination of a state of the art auto-despatch system, frequent in-house driver training and a dedicated customer service program.

Mobile App Support

  • User downloads your App from the App Store

  • User clicks on START BOOKING

  • User enters detail in Settings -User Name - Phone - Email

  • User chooses time of pickup - either ASAP or a specific date and time Pickup address is  Chosen - user can search via entering their address or using GPS. The Destination address is chosen in the same way If a specific vehicle is required, it can be selected from a list of available vehicles, ie Saloon, Executive, 8-seater...

  • Depending on the type of iPhone App you have, you can o"er your customers the ability to pay by Cash,Card on on Account.
  • If they choose to pay by card, the app will prompt the user to enter their card details, when the booking is confirmed, the card is debited, if the card is declined the booking will not be authorised and the user is advised.

  • In Advanced Settings, you can add specific notes for the Driver, ie. “Please help with bags” or “wait at side entrance near garage”.
  • The user can also specify whether they would like to receive a Ring Back and/or Text Back.

  • When the user clicks “Review & Confirm” , depending on how you have configured this, they will either be shown a quotation for their journey along with a summary of the booking or they will just be shown a booking summary.

  • The user then clicks “Confirm Booking” and can view the booking on the Bookings screen. If they click on the booking they are shown a list of options.

  • They can click on “Track Vehicle” and view the vehicle on a live map. By refreshing the map, they can track the vehicle as it arrives.

  • They can save the booking as a favourite if it is a regular journey, making future bookings even faster.


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